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The CVPP Training Module Summary

  • General Warranty Definitions
  • Vehicle Service Contract Industry Definitions
  • History of Product Warranties
  • History of Auto Warranties
  • Auto Warranties and Vehicle Service Contracts Today
  • Why vehicle owners need a Vehicle Service Contract
  • Types of Vehicle Service Contracts (Coverage)
  • Understanding the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act
  • Disclaimer or Modification of Implied Warranties
  • "Tie-In Sales" Provisions
  • Deceptive Warranty Terms
  • History & Development of Consumer Protection Measures
  • What a Marketer can and cannot say to Consumers
  • Vehicle Service Contract Marketers and industry Standards of Conduct
  • Voice Confirmation/Verification Disclosure Scripts
  • Advertising - Standards of Conduct
  • Offers - Standards of Conduct
  • Outbound Telemarketing - Standards of Conduct
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